Paprika Ground ORGANIC (per 50g)

Paprika Ground ORGANIC (per 50g)

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This deep red spice is packed with flavour.

Sweet peppers are slowly dried and ground to form the rich red powder we know as paprika, which results in a sweet yet peppery essence with slightly earthy notes.

Paprika’s perfect with dishes such as goulash, couscous and chilli con carne.

Mix with oil and a little garlic powder or dried chillies for a spicy coating for potato wedges. 

Sprinkling on light, delicate foods like egg mayonnaise or white sauce to add colour and flavour. 

Add to chopped tomatoes, onions and sausages for a flavourful sausage stew. 

Stir into a little lemon juice and olive oil for a salad dressing. 

Sprinkling over baby potatoes, peppers and onions with a little olive oil before roasting.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.