ORGANIC Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml)

ORGANIC Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml)

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It is fair to say Tea Tree Oil is the super-power of the essential oil world. Extremely versatile & popular in its application directly onto the skin and within your formulations. 

Well known for its antiseptic and wound healing properties, Tea Tree Oil not only delivers functionality but also a lovely fresh aroma. Its versatility means there are little boundaries to formulators, using it in cleaning products, pet care, medicinal products, massage and of course skin healing lotions. A powerful ingredient on its own, it works effectively on acne and post acne scars, reducing inflammation. Its ability to soothe the scalp and reduce flaking skin means it is popular in hair-care products. Our most popular essential oil and for good reason....
  • A superpower of the essential oil world and for good reason
  • Traditional antiseptic & wound healing properties
  • An incredibly versatile essential oil being used in cleaning, pet care, massage & skin/hair care formulations
  • A popular fresh aroma


Melaleuca alternifolia Leaf Oil


To diffuse in a traditional burner, simply fill dish with water and add a few drops of oil on top before lighting the candle. For electrical fragrancers, follow instructions given by the manual. Helps lift spirits and ease tension.

For massage: dilute in a carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. Diluted to a maximum of 1% with a carrier oil, Bergamot can be been used in massage to help reduce stress levels and ease digestive issues.

Add a few drops to a handkerchief or inhale directly from the bottle if you are on the go.

Dilute in distilled water and pour into spray bottle for an all-natural room fragrance.

Added to creams and lotions in skincare to help balance oily complexions.

Used in Hair Care to help condition the hair (add a few drops to your Shampoo or Conditioner).


  • Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application.
  • Keep away from children and out of eyes.
  • Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin.