Coconut Chips ORGANIC (per 250g)

Coconut Chips ORGANIC (per 250g)

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Rich in protein, coconut chips are great added to trail mix for a tasty snack or used in desserts and baking. Sprinkle on smoothie bowls for a decorative finish.

They are processed at low temperatures therefore still qualify as raw and are 100% organic.

Coconut chips are a great source of fibre and protein. 

Usage Tips

  • Team with dried fruit, dark chocolate and almonds for a healthy snack
  • The perfect ingredient for baking particularly for decorating
  • Sprinkle on to fresh fruit and yoghurt or smoothies bowls of a boost of nutrients, texture and a decorative touch 
  • Add into homemade granola for a delicious breakfast
  • Add to warm bowls of porridge oats and sprinkle with cacao nibs