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Loose Leaf JASMINE Tea

Loose Leaf JASMINE Tea

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China Jasmine, or Mo Li Hua Cha, combines the delicate aroma of jasmine flowers and loose leaf green tea. Traditionally processed by repeatedly layering the tea leaves with fresh jasmine blossoms until the scent is fully absorbed. The result is an invigorating liquor with a crisp and floral taste.

Light and delicately scented. Bright and crisp with pronounced floral notes.

This product comes in a pre-filled jar* or paper bag.

*100 points will be added to your rewards account on return.  Simply leave your empty jar out for collection on your next delivery.


Green tea and jasmine blossoms. Naturally contains caffeine. Keep in an air tight container.

Brew Guide

Use fresh water. Enjoy without milk. Tea 3.5g, Water 300ml, Temp. 80°C, Steep 2 mins.

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