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Locally made by small Artisan brewery producing high quality Kombucha using only the finest loose leaf teas.  

Kombucha is a nutritionally alive drink that is packed full of vitamins, enzymes, beneficial acids, bacteria and yeasts and is celebrated by many cultures throughout the world who value its ability to help promote good health and well being.

One litre bottles include a bottle deposit of 50p & 500ml bottles 25p.  Return on your next order for credit to your customer account.



Made from a blend of Ginger root and Sencha Green Tea.

Chamomile & Nettle

Made from Oolong Tea, Chamomile Flowers & Nettle Leaf

Elderberry Kombucha

This kombucha is made from a blend of elderberries, oolong and white tea; producing a refreshing kombucha with a sharp berry flavour.

Butterfly Pea & Lavender​​

This kombucha is made by infusing butterfly pea flowers with a pure white Chinese tea from Fujian Province.  The white tea is grown on the slopes of the Taimu Mountains. A mixture of young leaves and unopened buds with an evident white downy covering, gathered and processed entirely by hand on only a few days in the year.  A little steeped lavender is added after fermentation to add a delicate calming flavour.​​ 

Elderflower Kombucha

Made with a blend of  oolong tea and dried elderflowers producing a light and refreshing kombucha with a sharp yet subtle sweetness.​​

White Tea & Hibiscus Kombucha 

A delicious blend of refreshing delicate white tea and hibiscus flowers. This makes an incredibly light and fruity kombucha with a slightly sharp taste, reminiscent of cranberry juice.

Bits in your bottle?

As kombucha is live, raw and unpasturised it is quite normal for jelly like 'bits' to develop in the bottle. These are not harmful at all, and can easily be filtered out by pouring your drink through a tea strainer should you prefer.

Kombucha should ideally be refrigerated to slow down the fermentation process and preserve the taste. Kombucha, once bottled, will not spoil but will over a long period of time (particularly if not kept cold) develop a tart acidic taste as it slowly ferments into kombucha vinegar. Once opened kombucha should be refrigerated and consumed within ten days.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient fermented beverage with a natural effervescence that has been enjoyed throughout the world for thousands of years. It is believed to have originated in China, specifically the Qin Dynasty where the first documented evidence of its use dates back to 221BC. Fondly referred to as the 'Elixir of Life' or 'Sea Treasure' it moved from here to Japan, Russia and beyond.

Kombucha is composed of bacteria and yeast cultures in a symbiotic relationship. The fermentation process for kombucha begins when a live culture, fondly known as a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is introduced to a freshly brewed batch of cooled and sweetened nutrient dense tea solution, and then the magic begins!

The majority of the sugar and caffeine are consumed during the fermentation process so there is little caffeine or sugar left in the final product and this produces a tart and refreshing taste.  As with all fermented products there may be minute traces of alcohol, but this will be below 0.5%.

How much should I drink?

Whilst kombucha is a fantastically refreshing and healthful drink, it will not suit everyone. When starting to drink kombucha for the first time, don't over do it; start slow with maybe just a two or three ounce serving once or twice daily for a few days. If you have no particular discomfort you should now be able to drink as much as you like - as with all things though, moderation is key - you will know what works best for you. We usually drink a four to six ounce serving in the morning and occasionally the same with our evening meal.