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Jeeves & Jericho

Loose leaf MOJITO MINT tea

Loose leaf MOJITO MINT tea

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A unique herbal blend, a zingy version of the traditional peppermint tea.

This delicious and soothing infusion combines refreshing peppermint leaves with zesty sweet lemongrass and a variety of delicate blossoms. Its digestive and cleansing properties make it a truly invigorating tonic.

Light and refreshing.  Spearmint sweetness meets zesty lemongrass.

This product comes in a pre-filled jar* or paper bag.

*100 points will be added to your rewards account on return.  Simply leave your empty jar out for collection on your next delivery.


Peppermint leaves (60%), lemongrass, limetree blossoms, marigold blossoms,

cornflower blossoms and safflower blossoms. Naturally caffeine free.

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