Simple DIY cleaning recipes using only 3 ingredients.

There are so many different cleaning products, filled with toxic chemicals and supplied in plastic packaging.

Keeping it simple, by switching to DIY cleaners can provide you with all you need for a sparkling clean home.

 Making your own will not only reduce your use of plastic, but dramatically lessen the environmental and household pollution caused by the manufacture, use and disposal of these products.



This amazing ingredient has been used for over a century as a way to deodorise, clean and scour away dirt. You can use this alone to clean sinks, toilets, baths, ovens, fridges and surfaces to remove dirt and stains.



One of the most versatile products you can buy, castile soap can be used as an all purpose cleaner all around your home. From laundry detergent, to washing up liquid soap, hand soap, floor cleaner and even shampoo, castile soap has got you covered.


Another incredible multi-purpose product that can be used all over the home to get rid of stains, grease, dirt, odours, mould and mildew is white vinegar. Can be used on its own or simply fragrance it by adding your favourite essential oil.

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