Get Started with Zero Waste

Reducing your waste is a great way to lessen your impact on the planet, but getting started can feel overwhelming.  

Shopping with us is a little different to your standard grocery shopping experience.  If you’ve never shopped at a refill store it can seem like a complicated process, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Start with a few refills, or just the one.  

Use up what you have already. There’s no rush to swap everything, when the time comes to replace make the swap to a sustainable one.

The beauty of a refill shop is that you can buy as little or as much as you want. You don’t need to fill up your containers if you just want to try it out first. Test the products by half filling your bottle or jar.

Use containers you already own.  If you can weigh it you can fill it. You’ll be surprised what you can use that you may already have ..reuse cereal liner bags, bread bags, crisp packets, takeaway containers, jam jars etc.. make sure it’s clean and dry and suitable for the product you want to put in it.  If you don’t have any reusable containers, we have free donated jars for you to use in store, or you can buy beautiful glass jars. We also have recycled paper and organic cotton produce bags.

Once at home decant into air tight containers and store products in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

Pop in and see us, our Refill Heros are here to help you on your journey.. one step at a time.

We love meeting and helping customers new to refilling. Big changes start with small choices and we want to make it easy for everyone to make sustainable choices that support our environment and local British businesses.

we are all about avoiding single use packaging.  So if you have a container at home you could refill with some tasty zero waste goodies, bring it along.  

You can buy as much or as little of anything as you like, the price is all calculated by weight.  

we are always on hand to help you out if you get stuck 😊.  See you soon.