ORGANIC Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

ORGANIC Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

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Savour the flavours of every season, from old favourites at their best, to little-known British vegetables.  Grown a stones throw away on Worton Organic Farm in Cassington this box will be full of seasonal goodness... hand picked and delivered to your doorstep emission free.

This medium box will suit a family of 3-4 persons.

No plastic, no punnets, no bags, not even a rubber band – just loose fruit and veg!

You’ll get a colourful mix of seasonal organic produce.  Please note these will be seasonal and grown locally.

Whats in the box this week?

Contents of the box may vary slightly due to availability and substitutions may be made as a result.

Beetroot: Classic red beetroot. Don't bin the leaves, you can cook them like spinach.

Kale or Cavolo Nero: A variety of kale, also known as Tuscan Kale or Dinosaur kale. Eat fresh or cooked, as you would kale. Dressed in lemon juice and olive oil, it makes a great salad alongside fish or chicken.

Broad Beans: High in protein and vitamins, broad beans are a classic summer addition to any meal. Pod the beans from the thick casing. You can eat them raw as is but for the best and tastiest results you should cook them. Blanch them for a couple of minutes and then throw them into some ice water. You can then use them however you like, whole or even pureed for a dip or soup. You can even 'double-pod' them, removing the inner bean from the shell. This inner bean is sweeter and fresher tasting, more like a pea. 

Carrots, Plums, Cucumber, Courgette, Celery, Globe Artichoke

Blackcurrants or Gooseberries: Tart and sweet. Gooseberries are great for cooking or just eating fresh. A well-ripened gooseberry is less tart and much sweeter, tasting almost like a juicy raspberry. The great thing about gooseberries is they can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. There is the classic gooseberry fool, or why not try making a gooseberry sauce to serve with roast lamb or a fillet of mackerel. The acidity of the gooseberry really helps to balance out the oiliness.

Worton Mixed Leaf Salad: A variety of leaves from around the garden, including leafy herbs like mint, coriander and basil, spicy landcress, lemony sorrel, peppery mizuna and fresh lettuce leaves.