ORGANIC Mineral Cooked Compact Powder REFILLABLE

ORGANIC Mineral Cooked Compact Powder REFILLABLE

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Copper Beige

Real clay with a slight shimmer, cooked in an oven, ideal for a tanned complexion and cleavage throughout the year. Bright Copper Beige in colour.

Note that all of our powders are talc-free.

Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case, Zao makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure. 

This product, as with all ZAO products, is free from parabens (synthetic preservatives), using instead micronised silver as an effective and non-toxic preservative. ZAO does not use nanoparticles in their products, with the micronised silver being larger than nanoparticle size, making ZAO products safe and free from toxic preservatives.

Ingredients Highlight

Organic corn starch: The organic corn starch is a plant-based support that facilitates a better adhesion of the powder on skin, and thus a longer-lasting makeup. It facilitates the dispersion of pigments and in this way helps the consistency of the skin’s complexion.

Vegetal Squalene: Extracted from olive oil, vegetable Squalene is a derivative of squalene, which is a natural component of human sebum. Its excellent affinity with the skin, due to its similarity with natural cutaneous lipids, and its emollient properties make it an ideal active ingredient. It strengthens the cutaneous hydrolipidic barrier, softens the skin and protects it from dehydration.

Organic castor oil: This oil is interesting because it is emollient which allows to soften the skin. It is also moisturizing which increases the water content of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth.

Bamboo powder: It is a white substance extracted from the joints of bamboo. Thanks to its high silica content, it remineralises, hydrates and participates in the regeneration of your skin while reducing the shine of combination and oily skin.