Exfoliating Pumice Stone
Exfoliating Pumice Stone
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Exfoliating Pumice Stone

Clear Confidence
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Pumice stone is nature’s blessing for dry and hard skin. They’re perfectly formed as an abrasive tool that you can use to remove these build-ups of skin the natural way! Our pumice stones are superb quality and are an invaluable addition to every bathroom cabinet across the land!

The skin on your feet may become tough and calloused if you keep wearing tight, ill-fitting shoes. Over time, these callouses can become increasingly problematic, making it hard to walk and move around in extreme cases. If you want to restore the natural softness and smoothness of your feet then you’ll need an abrasive exfoliator. 

Eliminate rough, dry, and hard skin in an instant with the Clear Confidence Co pumice stone!

  • Best used after soaking your feet in warm water
  • Refreshes, revives, and smoothens your skin
  • May also be used to remove hard skin on your elbows and knees
  • Fitted with a rope for easy hanging
  • Easy to clean and rinse

Pumice stones are natural and sustainable too! An environmentally friendly way to care for dry and tough skin. 

How to use

Soak your feet with warm water, gently rub the stone on hard skin, rinse, and apply lotion.

To get the most out of your pumice stone, make sure the area has been cleaned thoroughly using hot soapy water. This will soften the skin and prime it for the pumice stone. Gently work the stone over the area and never push too hard on your skin. Always stop if you experience pain, bleeding or excess redness.


Clean the stone periodically to get the best out of it. Just rinse and dry after use

Bid farewell to callouses and tough skin on your feet. Try the Clear Confidence Co Pumice Stone now!