Desert Rose Palette

Desert Rose Palette

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A Limited edition ‘all-in-one’ palette contains 7 products for eyes, lips and complexion. Refillable, this palette can be refilled with your choice of rectangular eyeshadows and powders (blush, mineral cooked bronzing powder, shine-up powder etc).

The Desert rose Palette is composed of:

Sublime mosaic: This radiance and healthy glow powder is composed of Blush 327, Terracotta Cooked Bronzing Powder 342 & a new golden Shine-up powder 312. It illuminates while giving a very natural tanned effect and structuring the face. The three powders can be mixed or used separately to create different looks.

Mineral cooked powder 342: A slightly shimmering copper bronzing powder that enhances all skin tones with a tanned effect.

Compact blush 327: A subtly iridescent coral-pink shade to bring a fresh and luminous effect that suits all skin tones: cool or warm.

Shine-Up Powder 312: A brand-new golden Shine up powder colour, which will bring a shimmering effect and highlight the skin tone.

3 Matt Eyeshadows: 218 Apricot Nude, 219 Terracotta Pink and 220 Taupe Grey

1 Ultra Pearly Eyeshadow: 270 Champagne

1 Cream Lipstick: 408 Strawberry Pink

1 Cream Lip Gloss:409: Gold Pink

1 Duo Brush: with a rounded side and a bevelled side