All In One Dishwasher Tablets (30)

All In One Dishwasher Tablets (30)

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Powerful plant-based dishwasher tablets with consistent and reliable performance for sparkling, spotless dishes every time.

Triple Action Cleaning – the concentrated cleaning power is tough on grease and tablets include Salt + Rinse Aid.

The 30 lemon-scented tablets with dissolvable protective film coating (PVOH) come in plastic free packaging.

How to use

Always follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

Scrape off remaining food from plates and dishes.

Place 1 Neat dishtab in the dishwasher tablet compartment, ensuring it is dry.  There is no need to unwrap the coating around the tablet as this will dissolve during the wash. Close the dispenser, select your preferred wash programme and switch on your dishwasher. Wash hands.

Always securely close the dishwasher tablets box and store out of the reach of children.


15-30% Oxygen-based bleaching agents, <5% Polycarboxylates, Non-ionic surfactants, Enzymes, Perfume.

The tabs are coated with a material called polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) which is formulated to rapidly dissolve when exposed to water.