About us

Welcome to The Village Refill

On a personal journey to reduce the amount of plastic we consume as a family, we found we were limited by what was available locally… everyday household toiletries, larder staples and body-care items all came wrapped or in plastic, and so our very own zero waste shop was born, The Village Refill. The name isn't just about the geographical location, in a village just north of Oxford city, but about the network of relationships and values that connects and binds us....a community of refillers.

We started as an eco-friendly doorstep service refilling our customers containers with refillable products and bringing all things ethically sourced, sustainable, and low waste in our little electric van.

Recently, we set roots and opened our shop at Yarnton Home & Garden while still offering our mobile option. 

Every product we carry has been extensively researched to ensure it complies with our sustainable guidelines. We are proud to be offering both UK made products and sustainable options from trusted suppliers. We try our best to support as many local businesses as possible. 

We have a large number of food and non-food products that are plastic free, from rices to pastas, from refillable beauty products to makeup, from herbs and spices to refillable household cleaning liquids. With our wide range of products, it’s definitely worth a visit!  

We are joined at The Village Refill by some wonderful and dedicated team of Refill Heros to help you shop sustainably and help you find your way around our shop.  If you are ever unsure, just let one of the team know and we'll be happy to help.

We hope to see you in our shop soon, on your journey to sustainability.