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The Village Refill

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You shop, we deliver, you refill.....and repeat

 Enjoy the sustainable, affordable, hassle free life of refilling

No minimum order

We deliver to Oxford city..

using bike couriers to the following postcodes:

OX1 1* OX1 2* OX1 3* OX1 4* OX2 o" OX2 6* OX2 7* OX2 8*
OX4 1* OX4 2* OX4 3* OX4 4*OX3 0* OX3 7* OX3 8* OX3 9* 

Orders placed by Tuesday midday will be delivered the same Thursday

between 10am and 6pm.

or you collect..

from either our refill hub in Yarnton or our collection point in Long Hanborough*

Orders placed before midday will be ready

to collect same day at your convenience. 

We deliver locally..

in our solar-charged electric vehicle to villages  north/west of Oxford and Witney (*refer to map).

Orders placed by Tuesday midday will be delivered the same Wednesday/Thursday*

between 8am and 8pm.

Take the first step....simply place your first order 

ZERO hassle   ZERO waste

step 1: You shop

Place an order online for your chosen refills and products. 

You can either order one of our lovely re-fillable "forever" bottles pre-filled with your chosen product, or a product in a returnable glass bottle.

Step 2: We deliver (or you collect)

All orders will be delivered and left on your doorstep or designated safe place.  

If you've chosen to collect your order, you will receive an email when it is ready.  Your order will be placed in an outside collection box for a contactless collection at your convenience.

step 3: You refill

Decant the product in to your own reusable container, or simply swap over a lotion pump or trigger spray. 

Villages only:

We can also refill your "forever" bottles at your doorstep for added convenience.  

........and Repeat

When you are ready, place your next order. 

Don't forget to  leave your empty bottles (preferably rinsed) in your designated area on the delivery day.

We will then drop off your latest order and collect the empty bottles.

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